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The Addiction Freedom Fighters primarily see their role in providing free informing to the general public about choices and dangers surrounding addiction and recovery. However, we have to make a living and are accepting paid consultation work.

You urgently need addiction treatment, but the choices presenting themselves to you are either confusing or unworkable? We can create a workable plan for you, from years of experience, customized to your specific case and fully researched - to ensure the options we present to you are available NOW and present the best there is available

You are concerned about someone elses's addiction and don't know where to start, or even how to get them to consider treatment? We can help.

You have recently left your addict behind, and are looking to solidify your recovery - ensuring there's a relapse prevention plan and open-ended aftercare in place for you, at any time. Contact us, we have just what you might be looking for available.

You've been in recovery for a long time, but recently encountered moments where you almost relapsed, or there are problems in life which trouble you to an extend where you're concerned about your recovery? Lets talk about it. We'd like to help.

From Rock-Bottom to a Fulfilled Life

We have helped countless individuals over years. Here are some testimonials.

Lets prepare a coffee...
...and talk about addiction...
... and coffee beans.

“As a therapist, I'm always looking for effective and affordable resources for my clients. AFF offers a high quality, low cost, and confidential guide to the most vital aspects of addiction recovery.”

Elisabeth Kaurismäki

“I’m impressed with how down to earth and useful the advice was given to me by AFF. They apply directly to my recovery.”

Philipp Trommler

Consultation Services

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Finding Addiction Treatment


Finding the best treatment for yourself or a loved-one.

  • Information Pack

  • Customized Treatment Strategy

  • "Good" Contacts for you

Crisis Intervention


How to hold an effective intervention.

  • Thorough Intervention Planning

  • Recommendations

Relapse Prevention & Aftercare Planning


Ensure a successful recovery. Try our customized recovery plan.

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Aftercare Planning

  • Sober Companionship